Howard Marks

Co-Chairman and Co-Founder

Oaktree Capital Management

"Simply put, I have never before seen a book that provides the same complete and thoughtful orientation to the process of investing. The Little Book is clear, logical and well-organized, a concise survey course in what investors need to know. It starts at the beginning, with identifying candidates for investment and screening them for potential."


Stanley Druckenmiller

Founder & CIO

Duquesne Family Office

“Contrary to what many believe, investing need not be a random walk. For would-be stock pickers who want to beat the market, The Little Book of Investing Like the Pros articulates a process which will greatly assist them in achieving that goal.”


David Abrams


Abrams Capital Management

“Pearl and Rosenbaum have written a book that any serious investor, or anyone aspiring to be one, will want to read. Investing in stocks sounds easy. It's not. Emotion surrounding equities and money too often impedes clear and methodical thinking, which is the key to long-term success in the stock market. This volume provides a framework that will help you stay on track.”


Nelson Peltz

CEO & Founding Partner

Trian Fund Management

“The two Joshes have produced a succinct investment guide. They have distilled some of the most complex investing concepts into an easily digestible and accessible framework.”


Abby Joseph Cohen, CFA

Advisory Director and Senior Investment Strategist

Goldman Sachs

“This book is a valuable guide for investors learning to select securities and build portfolios in a thoughtful, professional manner. The authors provide an easy-to-follow approach which begins with idea generation and moves through the critical steps for analyzing company performance, security valuation, and potential risks.”


Thomas Rutledge

Chairman & CEO

Charter Communications 

“Josh was among the first investors outside of the cable universe to understand and believe in what we could do with Charter. The tools and techniques contained in this book were crucial in uncovering this story, which continues to unfold.”


Rodney O’Neal

Retired President CEO

Delphi Automotive

“When we did our roadshow, many investors felt our story was too good to be true. Those that didn't invest missed out on a tremendous ride. This book may have helped them make a different decision.”

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